Classy Sable®︎ Jiffy Fan – J Curl – Eyelash


The hair tips widen evenly after each piece’s removal from the sheet.
It creates a beautiful fan effect, and because of the light adhesion at the roots of the pieces, the “fans” open up nicely.

Curl: J Curl
Color: Black
Thickness: 0.05 mm / 0.07 mm
Length: 8 mm – 13 mm
Number: 16 rows total
Material: PBT

J Curl
For those whose eyelashes go forward or upwards
The J Curl is notable for its ability to create an eyelined effect, along with its gentle curls
Because the curls are gentle, the lashes provide a subtle look
From the side profile, the lashes will provide a look of elegance at the eyes



“Recommendation Points”
● Contains curls recommended for those who want to widen their eyes.
● Difficult to make nonuniform; the set comes prearranged to easily maintain extensions and is highly recommended for anyone who constantly finds themselves looking down, either by bowing or bending forward.
● Some examples of people for whom this product may be suitable are receptionists, people who mainly work with computers, and mothers who want to give off a calm look.
● There is very little dispersion even for those who have heavier eyelids, which allows for the preservation of lash beauty.

Additional information


0.05 mm, 0.07 mm


8 mm, 9 mm, 10 mm, 11 mm, 12 mm, 13 mm


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