Classy Sable®︎ Standard – J Curl – Under Mix – Eyelash


Natural texture and presence, as close to the natural eyelash as possible.

Color: Black or Brown
Thickness: 0.12 mm / 0.18 mm
Length: 5 mm ~ 8 mm
Number: 16 rows total

A mix case based on customer popularity.
We packed 4 different lengths, 5 mm / 6 mm / 7 mm / 8 mm, with 4 sheets each in a single case (total: 16 rows).
The package provides an expansion of possibilities with its various lengths for lower lashes.

Increase curl strength with 5 types of curl-keeping power.
Remove easily with tweezers thanks to the innovativeness of the adhesive tape.
Can be removed multiple times because of the PET-mounted adhesive-backing.
Size check can be done in 3 places, thus allotting for easy management of placement.
Even the case sparkles! Salon work has never been more fun!



“Recommended Usage”
Contains curls recommended for those who want to widen their eyes.
Difficult to make nonuniform; the set comes prearranged to easily maintain extensions and is highly recommended for anyone who constantly finds themselves looking down, either by bowing or bending forward.
Some examples of people for whom this product may be suitable are receptionists, people who mainly work with computers, and mothers who want to give off a calmed look.
There is very little dispersion even for those who have heavier eyelids, which allows for the preservation of lash beauty.

Conversely, this product is not recommended for those who have eyelids that turn inwards so that their eyelashes rub against the surface of their eyes. Not only is it not recommended in terms of visual appeal, but it would also pose a burden on the eyes by hindering vision and diffusing light to the surfaces.

“Recommendation points by thickness”
● 0.12 mm
Will provide a lightly mascara-ed finish
Popular among users who wish to achieve a look of moderate thickness, but are too busy to go to salons to get extensions; this thickness level is perfect, as it is unnoticeable when they fall out
Notable for being able to create a light and gentle look, even with 150 lashes used!
Recommended for those who have naturally thin to somewhat thick eyelashes

● 0.15 mm
The go-to thickness that’ll achieve a look of 2-3 mascara coats; one of the most popular thicknesses!
Gives a tight-lined look, and lifts up the eyes
Notable for its ability to create a look of impact, without damaging the eye area
The easiest thickness to grab with tweezers, thus allowing for easy application for salonists
Recommended for those who have naturally normal to thick eyelashes

Material: PBT

* This product is intended for professional use.

16 rows per case as reference (200 pieces per person)

0.12 mm (approximately 4848 pieces, 24 persons worth)
0.15 mm (approximately 4544 pieces, 22 persons worth)

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Black 0.12 mm, Black 0.15 mm, Brown 0.12 mm, Brown 0.15 mm


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