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This special deal includes all 154 colors (set) from Inity. The regular price for 154 colors is $1830 but this discount contains 20% off giving you a total of $1460.

In addition, we present you $460 worth of gifts which contains: Fit base 25g, Clear top 25g, Hard top 25g, Extention high 25g, Extension low 25g, Mixing gel 25g, and 2 Nuance touch gel 5g.

This is a limited time offer. Hurry on and take advantage!

Inity nail gel colors are merely sheer shades. With just one stroke sets the color and applies evenly. The thickness is easily adjustable because only 1 coat is necessary. The gradation design can be created simply and smoothly with Inity. This brand is 100% manufactured in Japan.

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● 154 color of the set

AR-01M Art White 3g
AR-02M Art Black 3g
BK-01M black 3g
BL-01M Cobalt 3g
BL-02M Kalib 3g
BL-03M Cerulean Blue 3g
BL-04M Sky blue 3g
BL-05M Teal blue 3g
BR-01M Bitter Chocolate 3g
BR-02M Dark Chocolate 3g
BY-01M Raspberry 3g
BY-02M Cranberry 3g
BY-03M June Berry 3g
BY-04M Blackberry 3g
BY-05M Blackcurrant 3g
BY-06M Blueberry 3g
CT-01C Pink Lady 3g
CT-02C Screwdriver 3g
CT-03C Mimosa 3g
CT-04C Green Hat 3g
CT-05C Emerald Mist 3g
CT-06C Blue Lagoon 3g
CT-07C Aquarium 3g
CT-08C Violet Fizz 3g
CT-09C Tiffinback 3g
CT-10C Irish Coffee 3g
DP-01P Iris Purple 3g
DP-02P Iris Blue 3g
DP-03P Iris Pink 3g
DP-04P Iris Gold 3g
DP-05G Aurora Flake 3g
DP-06G Crushed Pink 3g
DP-07G Crushed Silver 3g
DP-08G Bubble Magic 3g
DP-09G Planet 3g
GD-01P Liner Gold 2g
GD-02G light gold 3g
GD-03G Retro Gold 3g
GD-04G Gold 3g
GR-01M Green 3g
GR-02M Tree Green 3g
GR-03M Garden glass 3g
LT-01S Soy Milk 3g
LT-02S Cafe Latte 3g
LT-03S Makiart 3g
LT-04S Tea Latte 3g
LT-05S Houji Charlatte 3g
LT-06S Beniimolate 3g
LT-07S Cafe Mocha 3g
LT-08S Chocolat Latte 3g
LT-09S Maccha Latte 3g
LT-10S Butterfly Latte 3g
MK-01M Banana milk 3g
MK-02M Mint Milk 3g
MK-03M Lime milk 3g
MK-04M Blue Milk 3g
MK-05M Ice Milk 3g
MK-06M Cassis Milk 3g
MK-07M Strawberry Milk 3g
NE-01M Turquoise Beach 3g
NE-02M Summer Mint 3g
NE-03M Cloud Rose 3g
NE-04M Jupiter 3g
NE-05M Smoky Leaf 3g
NE-06M Charcoal Gray 3g
NE-07M Sky Gray 3g
NE-08M Moondust 3g
NE-09M Alpaca 3g
NE-10M healthy sandwich 3g
OG-01S Lace White 3g
OG-02S silk 3g
OG-03S Chiffon 3g
OG-04S Camel hair 3g
OG-05S Poplin 3g
OG-06S Peach Ribbon 3g
OG-07S Pale blue 3g
OG-08S Tulle Purple 3g
OG-09S Retro tutu 3g
OG-10S Rose Veil 3g
OR-01M Orange 3g
OR-02M Pumpkin 3g
OR-03M Salmon Orange 3g
PK-01M Pink 3g
PK-02M Lavender Pink 3g
PN-01S Dry Rose 3g
PN-02S Minazuki 3g
PN-03S Erica 3g
PN-04S Anemone 3g
PN-05S Dry Orange 3g
PN-06S Earl Grey 3g
PN-07S Rosemary 3g
PY-01M Vermillion 3g
PY-02M Living Coral 3g
PY-03M Party Pink 3g
PY-04M Paris Pink 3g
PY-05M Rose 3g
PY-06M Pink Girl 3g
PY-07M Fuschia 3g
RD-01M Real Red 3g
RD-02M Deep Red 3g
RD-03M Cherry Red 3g
RP-01P Snow White 3g
RP-02P Shell Pink 3g
RP-04P Royal Pink 3g
RP-05P Gloss Pink 3g
RP-06P Venus Pink 3g
RP-07P Carry Beige 3g
RP-08P Caramel 3g
RP-09P Maroon Beige 3g
SK-01S Rose Mocha 3g
SK-02S Bear 3g
SK-03S Skin Pink 3g
SK-04S Apricot 3g
SK-05S Smitten 3g
SK-06S Fresh Skin 3g
SP-01G Angel White 3g
SP-02G Clément Pink 3g
SP-03G Peteyan Blue 3g
SP-04G Spumante 3g
SP-05G Brand Blue 3g
SP-06G Champagne gray 3g
SP-07G Sparkle Brown 3g
SP-08G Rosé 3g
SV-01P Liner silver 2g
SV-02G Silver 3g
SV-03G Platinum silver 3g
TR-01C Rubellite 3g
TR-02C Red Tourmaline 3g
TR-03C Topaz 3g
TR-04C Canary Yellow 3g
TR-05C Indigolite 3g
TR-06C Blue Tourmaline 3g
TR-07C Siberite 3g
TR-08C Dravite 3g
TR-09C Smoky Quartz 3g
TR-10C Shawl 3g
VI-01S Old Rose 3g
VI-02S Mauve Pink 3g
VI-03S Milk tea 3g
VI-04S Dark Olive 3g
VI-05S Pistachio 3g
VI-06S Mustard 3g
VI-07S Bitter Orange 3g
VI-08S Saxe Blue 3g
VI-09S Vintage Denim 3g
VI-10S Cloud Sky 3g
WH-01M white 3g
WH-02M Nuance White 3g
WH-03M Yogurt 3g
WH-04P Pearl White 3g
YL-01M Yellow 3g

● gifts which contains

Ultra Extension High 25g
Ultra Extension Low 25g
Top gel 25g
Nuance Touch 5g x 2
Hard coat top gel 25g
Fit Base Gel 25g
Mixing gel 25g


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