INITY high-end Color Belly Collection Set (6 colors)


A special set of the “Berry Collection” from BY-01M to BY-06M packaged in a special box.

Color, paint comfort

High-end colors full of brilliance.

Use to apply color gels.

This high-end color has been significantly upgraded from the gel colors of the past.

Net: 3g x 6

● Type: Soft gel
● UV: 1 min.
● LED: 30 sec.

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・ The color development is good even with a small amount applied.

・ Salon work smoothly by texture and coloring that matched usage according to purpose

・ A variety of colors that are easy to use for salon work, and are consistent with colors.

■ Berry Collection

It is also possible to make use of the sheer sense of color

1. Coloring power firmly by applying one layer.

2. Firmly hardened dark color.

3. All six protagonist colors.


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