INITY High-end Color Organdy Collection Set (10 colors)


A special set containing 10 original organdy colors from OG-01S to OG-10S that comes in a special box.

High-end colors full of brilliance.

Use to apply color gels.

This high-end color has been significantly upgraded from the gel colors of the past.

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・ The color development is good with a small amount applied.

・ Salon work smoothly by texture and coloring that matched usage according to purpose.

・ A variety of colors that are easy to use for salon work, and are consistent with colors.

■ Organdy Collection

A sense of transparency like ‘Otona Kawaii’ veil.

1. Transparent without unevenness.

2. 1 layer of gel or 2 layers of gel, sheer colors are adjustable.

3. Suitable for gradation.


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