Nail Parfait Color Gel 27 Cafe 2g


Soft gel type gel
Designated product brand for beginners
The possibilities of art, such as gel-compatible colors, pastel colors, matte colors, and glitter, are endlessly expanded.
Isobornyl (meth) acrylate, acrylic acid, HEMA, and methacrylic acid are not used.
Purely domestically produced, using only ingredients approved by the Japan Cosmetics Federation to care for nails and skin.

It is a good color gel.
Stir well and use. Curing time is 30 seconds with LED light and 1 minute with UV light. (Temporary curing is 5 seconds with LED light and 30 seconds with UV light.)

Stirring required
Recommended wattage: 36W-30W
Curing wavelength: 395nm

Net: 2g

● Type: Soft Gel
● UV: 2min.
● LED: 30sec.

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