It is a powder that you can make 3D art / embossed art just by mixing it with color gel.
Basically, mix gel and powder little by little with gel: powder = 1: 3 to 4 ratio (depending on color (pigment)), and adjust it to your desired viscosity.

Net: 15g

[Standard curing time]
UV light 2 min.
LED light 30 sec.

In the case of thick art, please adjust the time a little longer.

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[Precautions] ・ If any abnormality appears during use, discontinue use immediately and consult a specialist.
・ Please be careful not to get powder in your eyes or inhaled from your mouth or nose. If it gets into your eyes, please rinse thoroughly with running water without rubbing.
・ Please do not use except nails.
-Close the cap tightly after use, avoid direct sunlight, keep out of reach of children, please keep in a cool, dry place.
·No fires.


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