PREANFA Art Relief Knife


This utensil is dedicated for 3D art from “Puri Anfa.”

This is the best tool to be used for molding 3D art such as Ki-Deco and #D powder.

It is created with such detail with its shape. You can freely and delicately create 3D art. The straight end can be used as a spatula. 

Total length: About 159mm

Pattern length: About 100mm

Head: About 29 mm in length

Width: About 6mm

SKU: 102309 Category: CONTACT FORM


“A” side of the utensil (See the image below) is for molding 3D art.

The “B” side of the utensil (See the image below) is suitable for molding 3D art or mixing gel.

※ This product is made overseas. Each utensil is individually and intricately made by hand.


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