PREANFA Good Cat’s Eye Powder



Mix your pre-gel muse,
color EX, and other color gels with a volume ratio of 5: 1 (gel: powder)
as you like.
Cat’s eye is expressed by hitting the magnet. Especially clear and sheer colors are recommended.
It can also be used as a mirror powder.

[How to use] 1. Mix Pregel Muse, Color EX, etc. and good Cat’s Eye Powder 5: 1 on the palette as you like.

2. Apply the mixed gel to the entire surface, and after curing, apply the second layer in the same way.
* Not cured yet.

3. Apply a magnet to cure.

4. Apply top gel and cure.

5. Wipe off to complete. Or finish with cangel and it’s done.



[Contents / Remarks] Approximately 1g




29 x 29 x 17 mm


Product code: 115177