PREANFA Planet Powder Meteore Shower


This product comes in two shades. The “Meteore Shower” powder gives an effect of a meteor shower running through the universe.  “Planet Powder Fireworks” sparkles glamorously. This powder is created through two different types of particles.

In addition, one sponge tip is included with this item.

When using this product, please use PREGEL CANGEL Non-Wipe Clear (Non-Wipe Top Coat) as the base coat.

Color: Meteore Shower

Net: 0.8g

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※ Caution
・ Wear appropriate protective equipment such as masks and goggles during use, and be careful not to let dust get in eyes or respiratory organs.
・ Do not eat, drink or smoke while using.
・ Wash your hands often after use and change contaminated clothes.
・ After use, keep tightly sealed and store in a dry place out of the reach of children.
・ If silver is used, it may be combined with sulfur in the air and turn black.


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