PREGEL Art Foil Gel 4G




Release of Foil Gel, Art Foil Gel from Pregel!
With a smooth texture that is easy to apply, you can attach the wheel neatly.
It is less likely to wrinkle, and it can be used not only for full-face application but also for line art and point use ♪ Use a
container container and use your favorite brush to create the art you want.
Available in 2 sizes, 4g and 15g.
* Do not apply to the edges.
* Thickness is not available.
《Curing time》
Lexia Perfect / Lexia EX 36W: 30 seconds
Lexia HD 6W: 45-60 seconds
Lexia A 6W: 60 seconds
UV36W: 60 seconds


Soft gel type UV about 1 minute LED about 30-60 seconds Soak-off type

Product code: 124195