PREGEL Color EX Shiny Gloss Series 6 color set


This clear base pearl can be used over solid colors for the full experience.
Pearl is definitely useful for various designs especially when adding accents.

This lip-gloss like pinkish sheer color is great for office nails.

25623 Pregel color EX Shine effect PG-CE500 3g
25624 Pregel Color EX Fairy Nude PG-CE899 3g
25625 Pregel color EX bright coral PG-CE902 3g
25626 Pregel color EX spicy red PG-CE903 3g
25627 Pregel color EX deep wine PG-CE904 3g
25628 Pregel Color EX Flash Berry PG-CE905

Net: 3g x 6 pieces

● Type: Soft gel
● UV: 1 – 2 min.
● LED: 30 sec.

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