PREGEL Cuticle Nipper C-07N


A cuticle nipper with a stamp from PREANFA from PREANFA.
Used to trim or cut nail peels.
Easy-to-use and improved type makes detailed work easy.
Sanitation is also safe with stainless steel.

Total length: about 112 mm (closed state)
Grip width: about 58 mm (opened)
Cutting edge: No. 10 (about 3.5 mm)
Weight: about 44 g

SKU: 101241 Category: CONTACT FORM


Store in a dry place and clean after use.

* Do not use nipper to cut hard objects.
* Do not hit the cutting edge with a hard object.
* Do not use products with loose screws or springs or missing blades.
* Keep the tip out of the reach of children as the tip is sharp and dangerous.
* Be careful not to damage the skin or nails as the tip is sharp.
* Because the cutting edge is delicate, it is necessary to be careful about chipping and bending of the tip by falling.
* Avoid long-time use of ethanol etc. Be careful because it causes rust.
* Please do not forget to clean after use.


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