PREGEL Lexia Handy LED Light 6W Black




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Lexia Handy LED Light 6W

Priampa’s popular LED light Lexia Rechargeable handy type

Compact body that stands up and is easy to store, rechargeable and easy to carry.
Even with a slim body, it is hardened with 4 LED & UV chips.
The 30.60 second timer is easy to understand with the color of the light, and a smooth operation is possible with the touch button. Ideal for temporary curing of parts.
It can be charged via USB, and treatment while charging is OK.
Stylish appearance in two colors, white and black. -Product

wavelength: 365nm (+
-5 ), 405nm (+ -5 ) body size: W54.6 x H168 x D55mm
weight: 135g
power consumption: 6W
timer: 30, 60 seconds
charging capacity: 2600Ah
charging format: Micro USB (Be sure to use the dedicated adapter.)
Accessories: Dedicated power adapter
Body color: White / Black
* When using for the first time, charge it for at least 6 hours before use. (Since the next time will be fully charged in about 3 hours)
※ The maximum possible three consecutive hours irradiation on a full charge.

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The width: 54.6 * height: 55 * depth: 168mm weight: 135g

Product code: 111818