PREGEL Lexia Spin Nail Machine Pink



[Article number, color] pink

Lightweight and compact body, rechargeable and easy to carry. It can be charged wirelessly or with a cable. With 30 speed adjustment switches, the maximum speed is 35,000 rpm. Switching between forward rotation and reverse rotation is also possible, and professionals are satisfied. Powerful battery that can be used for up to about 8 hours on a full charge. Furthermore, cute body is attractive in two colors of development of white and pink, too.

[Product Specifications] Power adapter rated output: 5V2A
Revolutions: 35,000 revolutions / min
Power consumption: 10W
Battery capacity : 400mA (nominal capacity)
Body color: Pink
Body size: 145 * 75 * 30mm
Usage time: 6-8 hours ( (Idling state)
Wireless charging: Full charge for about 7 hours (with wireless charging board)
Direct charging to the main body with cable: Full charge for about 2.5 hours
* With one bid (Bose bit medium)

[Contents / Remarks]

W75mm × H145mm × D30mm

Product code: 111252