PREGEL Muse Ennui Nuance 6 Colors Set



[Product number/color] PSU-6p-2020C

Pregel Muse is a
completely new color gel line that goes beyond the pregels of “no shrinkage”, “non-stressing leveling”, “thin coating and thick coating are completely cured”, and “of course good color development”.
Furthermore, if you mix it with Pregel Color EX at 1:1, the operability will be further enhanced by the synergistic effect.
Gem of cosmetics color using only legal dye “pre-Gel Muse,”

“ennui nuances series” is dan teacher recommended color of the pre-uninstall file Direction instructor
by toning commitment, left a clear sense does not feel whitishness, elegant system A dull color is realized.
Six sheer colors that will make a big difference in all seasons and must be must-buy.

[Contents/Remarks] 3g x 6 colors

Soft gel type UV about 1 minute LED about 20 to 30 seconds S

Product code: 113767