PREGEL Prem Doll DOLL-B71 Popping Vanilla 3g


9th collaboration series with PREGEL and fashion doll Blythe.
Series model doll ‘Minty Magic’ is a shop staff of the popular chocolate cafe ‘Minty Choco’.
It is a refreshing girl like mint. A happy and powerful magic! The fancy and sweet six colors are the best of all.

Color: Popping Vanilla

Net: 3 g

● Type: Soft gel
● UV: 1-2 min.
● LED: 30 sec.
● CCFL: 1 min.

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● The black grains contained in the product are derived from the shell of the material and not defective.
In addition, there may be differences between lots due to the inherent color and thickness of the material.
● Because there are sharp parts in the shell, please be careful not to get injured.
● Since the shells will settle immediately, please use the mix every time to the bottom so as not to be biased.
If you use only the top first, you can not use it until the end.


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