PREGEL Rexia-A Blythe 6W LED Light


Blythe’s cute compact light is designed from the idea of making nails easier, and it cures gel nails quickly with three high power LED lights. LED lights have the advantages of “long life of light,” “friendly to the environment,” “not easily suntan,” etc. Furthermore, this product is compact and easy to use, and it is ideal for a hobby nail.

Horizontal: 160 × Height: 70 × Depth: 80 mm Weight: 500 g

SKU: 72954 Category: CONTACT FORM


Wavelength: 405 nm
Timer: 30 seconds
LED light life: 40,000 hours
Power consumption: 6 W
Operating environment humidity: 0% to 80%
Operating environment temperature: 4 ° C ~ 45 ° C
Rated input: AC 100 V to 240 V, 0.3 A, 50/60 Hz
Rated output: DC 12V, 0.5A


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