PREGEL Sugar Powder 3-Color Set


Winter powder nails like powdered sugar and powdered snow. Humble, classy shine, quiet powdery snow-white “WHITE (white)”, silver glitter-filled, dazzling reflect “SILVER (silver)”, glitter and aurora, heart-beating beauty “AURORA (Aurora “) Is a set of three.
Uncured top gel is sticky, so please use non-wipe top gel.

Net: 1g x 3 pieces

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[Precautions] -Wear appropriate protective equipment such as a mask and goggles during use, and be careful not to let dust get in eyes or respiratory organs.
・ Do not eat, drink or smoke while using.
・ Wash your hands often after use and change contaminated clothes.
・ After use, keep tightly sealed and store in a dry place out of the reach of children.


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