Takano Naoko Produced “T-GEL COLLECTION”
More long-awaited LED lights appear!


W195 x D 75 x H 55 mm

SKU: 88908 Category: CONTACT FORM


-Rechargeable cordless LED gel nail lamp
Wavelength: 395 nm to 405 nm
・ 20 seconds · 40 seconds with timer
・ With instruction manual

-The warranty period is one year and domestic repair is possible.
· Charging time: about 4 hours
-It can be used even when connected to the AC adapter.
・ When you press the LED power button, the curing light illuminates.
• Press once for 20 seconds, twice for 40 seconds, 3 times to turn off the power.

With timer function (20 seconds, 40 seconds, auto off after each number of seconds)

※ It is lightweight, compact and can work anywhere without taking up a place.
※ AC adapter is not included. We can charge in charge adapter of smartphone and USB port of PC.
«With a full charge (about 4 hours), it can be used for about 53 minutes,
There is also a power supply environment, etc., and the usage time will be around.
Although it is cordless, it is recommended to use while energizing for approximately 30 minutes.


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