TOY’s × INITY Nendo Gel Set T-CNDST12



[Part number/color] COLORS NAIL 12 color set

A colorful and cute nendo gel produced by COLORS NAIL/FanFan.
A 4D gel that can be shaped with the sense of your hands. You can enjoy a three-dimensional effect that cannot be achieved with a brush. You don’t feel the heat of hardening even if you put out the thickness.
By temporarily hardening the string-shaped gel, it can be tied or woven.
* If it is easy to stick to silicone sticks or gloves, apply a small amount of solvent before operating.
*Please note that a small amount of dust may be contained in the container due to the characteristics of the product and the manufacturing process.
*It is not non-wipe.

A set of 12 colors of nendo gel from T-CND01 to T-CND12.


[Contents/Remarks] 8g x 12