Tweezers Curve


A delicate set of tweezers that can firmly grasp extensions.
The spring is made gentle and delicate so that your hands will not get tired.
Notable for its ease in grasping.

The non-slippery, easy-to-hold body gives it a beautiful form that fits well into the hands of women.
Compared to a straight body, these curved tweezers are great for delicate eyelash extensions because they adapt to the natural curvature of the hands, thus lessening the burden placed on the hands, even after extended periods of use.

Material: stainless steel
Size: 12.5 cm
Weight: 13.9 g

*This product is intended for professional use.

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● Curve designed for safe operation.
The curve at the tip is a 30-degree curve setting that matches the curve of the average Japanese eyebrow.
● The tweezers do not get in the way when attaching any parts.
● By bending the tip it is possible to mount at a safe angle without directing the tip of the tweeter to your eye.
● Pursuing the angle and narrowness of the tip so that you can easily grasp the rush of sheet type which is lined up side by side separately. This 30 degree curve setting is original curve of only LADYCOCO.
● Curved tweezer produced by the professional group of treatment is a product developed to raise the treatment efficiency safely without fatigue.


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