Pheromone tank 10 seconds charge! You can make a sharp and tear bag in your eyes in just 10 seconds. Moisturizing & wrinkle reduction with apple fruit culture cell extract and placenta extract. Slack prevention with “paint Botox” acetyl hexapeptide-8.


Pheromone tank 10 seconds charge!

● Moisturizing from the inside with placenta extract
Effective for whitening and moisturizing, it is an essential ingredient for anti-aging.
Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid contained in the placenta penetrates the skin with a low molecular weight structure,
Compared with high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, it has a skin moisture content improvement effect about twice as long as the effect lasts.

● Hydrolyzed collagen that keeps its freshness
Highly permeable, hydrolysed collagen has high water retention and prevents the evaporation of water from the inside of the skin.
It has moisturizing effect and skin softening effect.

● A magical apple that will not decay! ? Apple fruit culture cell extract
The stem cell extract of the magic apple “Utobiler / Spa Trauber” that does not rot for 4 months
Enriched, this extract nourishes epidermal stem cells and activates weakened cell functions.
The effect leads to the wrinkle depth reduction.

● “Paint Botox” formulated with acetyl hexapeptide-8
Botox is an effective ingredient for improving wrinkles, but it was not easy to use and could not be used at home.
Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is effective for facial expression wrinkles just by applying it.
The high concentration of this ingredient reduces muscle contraction and prevents sagging.

For neck, lips, and straight lines!

● Wrinkles and plump tear bags in eyes
If you apply it to the bottom of your eyes, it will also make the wrinkles on the bottom of your eyes less noticeable
10-year-old youthful and sexy eyes.
Caution) If applied to the upper eyelid, it may become swollen eyes as after crying.

● Wrinkles on the face, wrinkles on the face, wrinkles on the neck
As you age, you will also be interested in glorious lines.
Firmness comes out around wrinkles by moisturizing effect and activation and becomes visible and effective.


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