Lash Glue No 8


Fast drying! Used religiously by professionals.
Allows for efficiency within a short period, and is ideal for speedy application.

Quick Drying: 0.5 – 1 second
Viscosity: 120 mPa / S
Level: For advanced users
Elongation: ★★★
Density: ★★
Sustainability: ★★★★★
Stimulation: ★★★★

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“Recommendation Points”
Collagen is used in the formula as a way to make the glossy feeling (after drying) feel more natural

Unopened: as noted on the aluminum packaging
After opening: 1.5 months

Poly Alkyl Methacrylate
Poly Isocyanate
Carbon Black


This product has been developed exclusively for those with knowledge and experience of eyelash extensions (hereafter, eyelash extensions). Use of this product is prohibited if you have no knowledge or experience of eyelash extensions.

Do not use for anything other than eyelash extension purposes. Use in a well-ventilated place, and do not use in a place with fire.

1. Shake this product well before opening the cap.

2. When wearing, protect the area around the eyes with protective tape or a protective sheet. After mounting, make sure to dry it with a blower. Do not use for customers who are hypersensitive to cyanoacrylate or formaldehyde.

3. Do not put this product directly on your eyes or on your skin or eyes.

4. After use, wipe off any dirt on the nozzle and cap and close the cap securely.

5. After opening, close cap tightly and use up one month after opening. Or use a new one. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a place with low humidity, avoiding direct sunlight and places with high temperatures. Never use it for your own eyelash because it is not for self extension. Do not apply directly to skin as it is not for false eyelashes. If you feel discomfort or pain after wearing, stop using the product immediately and consult a specialist (dermatologist / ophthalmologist). Due to shooting, display, etc., the actual product and colors may differ slightly. This product is miscellaneous goods.

* 1 Opening two or more places increases the ventilation effect. * 2 When shaking this product, be careful not to hit or hit people or objects by mistake. * 3 If unknown, be sure to perform a patch test before using. * 4 If it gets into your eyes, do not rub it and immediately flush it with water and get medical attention from a specialist (dermatologist / ophthalmologist). * 5 If the cap is closed with dirt remaining on the cap or nozzle, the cap and nozzle or main body will be joined and the cap cannot be opened.


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