Liquid Remover


Liquid type remover.
Since partial penetration into a high moisture-cured glue is quick, not only speeding up the working efficiency but also reducing the time for the solvent to adhere to the eyelashes can reduce the burden on the eyelashes.
※ It is a remover for advanced users who need to adjust the amount of application easily because of dripping.

Net: 15 ml


Notes on using remover:
The remover is a solvent. The extension is turned off by melting the glue once cured.
If it gets in your eyes or on your skin, it may melt and damage your cornea and it is very dangerous.
Before applying the remover, be sure to mention to the customer “Don’t open your eyes during this process”. Please be careful to keep an eye on the customer.
If you get on your skin, wipe it off immediately and check with the customer.

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