PREANFA Multi Silicon Stick


The “Multi Silicone Stick” is the best stick to use when applying nail stickers, foils, and etc. The two ends are made of silicone which makes it relatively convenient for the foil or sticker to stick to. The curves are created to make it easier to apply the art onto the nail. When used properly the nail art can be transferred and pasted beautifully and successfully. 

A SIDE: Used to paste nail stickers

B SIDE: Suitable for transferring foils etc.

Size :

Silicon length: About 14mm

Width: 7mm

Handle Length: About 100mm

Total Length: About 128mm

SKU: 10901 Category: CONTACT FORM


The hardness is easy to handle and it is hygienic because it can be washed and used.
The handle is a clear material and contains the logo of Preampa.


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