Sofirah Color Gel HIRAMEKI P457GP


A non-acidic gel base that allows you to enjoy nail color and nail art while reducing the burden on your nails.
Professional-approved materials such as pigments, resins, and additive are blended to help create this product, which gives off a surprisingly clear and vivid color.
Durability is also an important feature of this product, and its color development with a unique transparency allows it to last for a long time.
Find your favorite color from our wide selection.

Curing time

● UV: 60 sec.
● LED: 15 sec.



● LED: A hybrid LED light that emits both 365 nm and 405 nm wavelengths.
● UV: UV light output 36W


Sofirah Premium & Sofirah
“Cosmetics registration product"
"Unregistered cosmetics"


Our products are composed of two types, "Sofirah PREMIUM" (cosmetics) and "Sofirah" (non-cosmetics). "Sofirah PREMIUM" is a gel nail cosmetic product that has obtained a cosmetics sales permission cosmetics sales notification. All raw materials used must strictly comply with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law (formerly the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law), (1) RoHS 10 substances should be less than the standard value in tests by international inspection organizations, (2) No banned ingredients in cosmetics have been detected by domestic laboratories. The pigments are statutory cosmetic pigments and natural pigments. Because legal dyes have different performance depending on the raw materials used, we have developed each dye based on our skill in dispersion technology and raw material composition to maximize the performance of the dye. The raw materials that make up "Sofirah" are also analyzed and inspected by various inspection laboratories, and the target components have not been detected, but some of them use pigments other than legal pigments in combination. This is because it has better weather resistance (persistence of color development) than legal dyes. Pigments other than statutory pigments have been used for painting and printing on toys and baby bottles and have no safety issues. "Sofirah" is classified as non-cosmetic and should not be used directly on your nails. The main applications are resin ornaments and art colors. 3g capacity, LED: 15 seconds, UV: 60 seconds


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